Understanding Listings


Pay attention to the original listing date of the homes you look at. Sellers tend to be more flexible the longer the house is on the market.

If I'm moving a considerable distance, is there any way I can screen homes before I start traveling?

Yes. Today's Multiple Listing Services (MLS) -- which include as much as 90 percent of the homes listed in any given community -- have made it relatively easy for buyers to access detailed information on homes for sale practically anywhere in the country.

ERA Real Estate has taken the MLS concept into the next generation with ERA.com, our Web site, which features over 50,000 domestic listings. It's a powerful way for buyers to find the perfect home. The site also includes ERA International listings, allowing interested buyers to expand their search to other countries without ever leaving their home.

If you run across any other abbreviations or terms you don't understand, don't be embarrassed -- after all, you don't buy a home every day. The glossary of real estate terms in the back of this book provides further assistance, or you can simply contact a local ERA office; they'll be happy to "translate" for you.

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