Working with a Real Estate Professional

What makes a sales professional effective?

We believe good training and experience make the best sales professionals. But the truth is, not every sales professional is right for every seller. That's why we suggest that you follow this simple formula to help you decide whether a particular sales professional will work well for you


Competence: When you first meet with a real estate professional, they'll do their best to show you that they have what it takes to sell your house. You can expect to see a portfolio of credentials, past achievements, sales volume and letters of recommendation. Look for evidence that their background is relevant to your needs. The sales professional you choose should also be up-to-date on the current pool of potential buyers for houses like yours; professionals can stay informed of this through real estate company Web sites, such as, and industry networking.

Comfort: The importance of being comfortable with your sales professional as a person cannot be overstated. You're going to be dealing with this individual on a regular basis, maybe for months, during a time that can be emotionally trying for you and your family.

It takes a unique combination of these two characteristics -- competence and comfort -- to inspire the confidence a homeowner needs to maintain peace of mind through the process of selling a house. It's something for which every ERA sales professional strives. Always There For You is more than a tagline. It's our way of doing business.

How do I find the sales professional who's right for me?

A good place to start is by talking to friends, neighbors, and relatives -- anyone whose recommendation you trust. You can also try responding to sales professionals' local advertising, direct mail, or Web site profiles. If they have the resources and initiative to maintain such a presence in your marketplace, it's a good sign that they may have the sales skill you're looking for.

Do I have to pay a commission even if I find the buyer?

That depends on the type of listing you agree to. If you sign an exclusive agency contract, you may sell the house on your own without paying a commission. In an exclusive right-to-sell agreement, you owe a commission even if you find the buyer. Which type you choose may largely depend on which sales professional you work with and how much trust you place in his or her abilities (as well as how much time and expertise you feel you have to devote to finding a buyer and negotiating a contract on your own.)

What is the advantage of an exclusive right-to-sell?

Incentive -- it lets sales professionals know that their time and effort will not go unrewarded. That's one reason the great majority of residential listings are marketed under exclusive right-to-sell agreements.

What if my sales professional doesn't produce?

Besides commission, the most important matter you negotiate at the time of listing your house with a broker is the duration of the listing contract. Terms vary, but listing agreements are seldom for less than three months or greater than one year.

But what if you find yourself dissatisfied midway through a nine-month contract? While the listing contract is legally binding, some brokers offer homeowners an "out" if they are unhappy with the services they are receiving. The ERA Commitment to Service is one example of such a satisfaction-guarantee, and more information about it is available at the end of this section.

Why list my house with an ERA Broker?

Exclusive services that can make selling your house faster and easier, and unparalleled expertise in local and national markets -- those are two of the most important reasons why no one can sell your house more effectively than an ERA professional.

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